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Musical Gems

  1. All The Way
  2. Blue Tango
  3. Charade
  4. Secret Love
  5. Lara's Theme
  6. Ebb Tide
  7. Little Green Apples
  8. Rachmaninoff's Paganini Theme
  9. Never On Sunday
  10. Pama's Angels
  11. What Now My Love?
  12. The Breeze And I
Ferrante & Teicher: Musical Gems ()
About this album: 

CD released in 1992.

Produced and arranged by Ferrante
Recorded and mixed at Audio Images Inc., Bradenton, Fla.
Master engineer: Mark Ledger
Assistant engineer: Mike Badalamenti
Album coordinator: Phil Wolfe
Album concept by Brenda Eberhardt
Cover-Art: The 16th-century Chapside Hoard; courtesy of the Museum of London Picture Library
Cover-design by Laurie Anderson
Ferrante plays the Baldwin Concert Grand, S.D. 10


CD: Pro-Arte CDD 3424

Liner notes: 

"Excellent," proclaims the New York Post.

"Brilliant," shouts the San Francisco Chronicle.

"A pianist of solid musicianship," states the St. Paul Pioneer Press-Dispatch.

Throughout the country, critics are raving about one of pop's most legendary pianists: Ferrante! Show after show, his superb artistry, prodigious technique and sparkling state-presence garner standing ovations and delicious reviews. Success comes naturally to Ferrante, who is best-remembered as half of the renowned piano-duo Ferrante and Teicher.

For nearly 40 years, Ferrante and Teicher dazzled the world with their luxurious scores and virtuoso playing. Their unique sound was captured in over 4,300 concerts and 183 albums, which netted 33 million copies, 22 gold records and four gold singles — The Apartment, Exodus, Tonight and Midnight Cowboy. Following Teicher's retirement in 1989, Ferrante, who still wanted to perform, was faced with a dilemma and an opportunity. The solution, revealed by Ferrante, was to play "twice as many notes, twice as fast, in all the right places."

The results have been staggering! Whether performing solo piano, like here, or as part of a trio, brass choir, vocal ensemble or symphony orchestra, Ferrante marvels audiences nationwide. Even new recordings, which recreate the original Ferrante and Teicher style, garner critical acclaim. A Touch of Art was recently selected as Columbia House Record Club's Pick-Hit, while CD Review magazine labeled Ferrante "a great instrumentalist and arranger,... [who made] a triumphant transition."

Musical Gems, Ferrante's latest solo outing, features 12 of today's most enduring classics. Tastefully arranged and brilliantly executed, the album forges new directions in pop while remaining faithful to the beloved Ferrante and Teicher sound.

— Rob Enslin