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Winter Wonderland

  1. Tannenbaum
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  4. Sleigh Ride
  5. Pama Klaus
  6. The Little Drummer Boy
  7. Snow Flakes
  8. Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  9. Toyland, Toyland
  10. The First 12 Days Of Christmas
  11. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Klaus
  12. Jingle, Jingle Bells
Ferrante & Teicher: Winter Wonderland ()
About this album: 

CD released in 1995.

Produced by Ferrante
All Arrangements by Ferrante
Recorded and Mixed at Audio Images Inc., Bradenton, Florida
Master Engineer: Mike Badalamenti
Assitant Engineer: Mark Ledger
Electronic Keyboard Consultant: Phil Wolfe
Album Concept: Brenda Eberhardt
Ferrante Plays The Baldwin Concert Grand S.D. 10


CD: LaserLight 12 510

Liner notes: 

The music from this product is produced from exactly the same kind of orchestration that was used during the Ferrante and Teicher era. The amazing difference is that during the Ferrante Teicher era there would sometimes be 40 musicians in the studio. Today, that same orchestration is reproduced with just 10 fingers! Those of Art Ferrante.

With modern technology and the use of synthesized keyboards and 24 track digital recording equipment, the procedure is as follows.

The Baldwin I.K.E.s and the Baldwin D.V.P. 80 are combined. The combining of the keyboards enlarge the sound of the orchestra.

Ferrante starts by recording the rhythm track first. He believes recording is similar to building a house. You start with the foundation. In this instance – the rhythm section. When that’s completed he records the string section – on its own tracks – playing their parts where so designated on the manuscript. Likewise, on subsequent tracks, he then records the woodwind – the French horns – the brass – the choir – and finally any additional frills, such as bells, celesta, xylophone – etc. Keep in mind during the above recordings – each track – from the very first (rhythm) comes back to him in the studio over loud speakers. The synthesized keyboards are electronically attached to the recording deck. At this point there are no “live” microphones in the studio. This allows Ferrante to record each new track while following the music emanating from the speakers.

Not so when recording the pianos. The mikes are “live” and so is the pianist’s performance.

When all of the orchestration is satisfactorily recorded, Ferrante then sits down at his Baldwin S.D. 10 Concert Grand and has the recorded orchestration played back through ear-phones (The studio speakers are now turned off) at which time — playing with the orchestral sound — he records Piano I. Upon completion of the Piano I recording he now repeats the procedure and has orchestra and Piano I played back through the earphones, at which time he records Piano II.

When Ferrante is satisfied with the final recording — the digital master is sent to Laserlight. At that time Laserlight transfers it to CD and cassette format and that’s how the wonders of Winter Wonderland are delivered to you.

At this special time of year Ferrante wishes all of his loyal fans a very happy holiday and that when any of you listen to this recording you will remember that his Christmas gifts to you were Two Pianos for Christmas.