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Pianos in Paradise

  1. Jungle Rhumba
  2. Shangri-La
  3. Taboo
  4. Adventures In Paradise
  5. Temptation
  6. Moon Of Manakoora
  7. The Breeze & I
  8. Flamingo
  9. Far Away Places
  10. African Echoes
  11. Ebb Tide
  12. Quiet Village
Ferrante & Teicher: Pianos in Paradise ()
About this album: 

Produced for Re-issue by: Scott W. Smith
Produced by: Don Costa & LeRoy Holmes
Twin Piano & Orchestral Arrangements by: Ferrante & Teicher
Recorded at: Bell Sound Studios, NYC
Recording Engineer: Al Weintraub
Art Direction: Susan Lavoi
Design: Kristine L. Barnard
Photography: Courtesy of Kristine L. Barnard & courtesy of Tony Stone Images
Special Thanks: To everyone at Hollywood Piano Company

Ferrante & Teicher play the Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand Pianos


CD: EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets 72435-27903-2-6

Liner notes: 

This compilation featured no liner notes. TheĀ notes below were taken from the 1978 abridged Pickwick reissue of the original Lp Pianos In Paradise:

Arhur Ferrante and Lou Teicher remain the "Kings of the twin pianos," which tour annually to more than 115 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, with concert bookings filled two years in advance. Major symphony dates and recording sessions take what little time is left!

In this album, the setting can be no more lush than paradise. Ferrante & Teicher on their twin Baldwin Grands, and their orchestra conducted b the magnificent Nick Perito, glide seductively through Misty and Shangri-La. Their famous prepared piano technique (in which the natural sound of the piano is altered) sets the mood for Taboo. As is the Ferrante & Teicher trademark, classic standards such as the lovely Clair De Lune, Moon Of Manakoora, Flamingo and Adventures In Paradise, have been included in this tropical collection. Hear then "Pianos in Paradise" by Ferrante and Teicher!


Doug's comments: 

I find this compilation more than a bit frustrating! Why didn't EMI simply reissue the original LpĀ Pianos In Paradise intact with the original artwork and liner notes?

Instead they substituted three of the original selections ("Misty," "Claire De Lune," and "Negligee") with "Temptation" (from Our Golden Favorites), "Far Away Places" (from Holiday For Pianos) and "Quiet Village" (from Golden Piano Hits). Why? Some new notes explaining the decision would have been helpful.

To make matters worse, there are imperfections in the sound. I believe they could have purchased a 7 1/2 ips reel-to-reel tape from eBay and have created a better sounding compact disc.