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30th Anniversary on Stage

Record 1
  1. West Side Story — Medley
  2. Clair De Lune
  3. Exodus
  4. Oye Negra
  5. Love Story
  6. Brazil
  7. Send in The Clowns
  8. Bolero
Record 2
  1. African Echoes
  2. Feelings
  3. El Cumbanchero (Duet)
  4. Simon & Garfunkel — Medley
  5. Highlights from Borodin
  6. Reverie
  7. Malaguena
Ferrante & Teicher: 30th Anniversary on Stage  (Avant-Garde)
About this album: 

The first of the Avant-Garde projects, this 2-Lp set was released in 1983.

Produced by: Ferrante & Teicher
Executive Producter: Scott Smith
Arrangements by: Ferrante & Teicher
Album Co-ordinator: Scott Smith
Musical Co-ordinator: Henry Ferrante
Remixed by: Scott Smith/Dave Brock, Chapman Studios, Kansas City, Mo.
Design & Art Direction: Debbie Wright, Tama Cummins, John Muller & Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Cover Photography: Ralph Dailey, Los Angeles, Ca.
Inside Photography: Peter Amberg, Kansas City, Mo.

Ferrante & Teicher play Baldwin Pianos
Prepared Pianos (on African Echoes) by Ferrante & Teicher
Our Special Thanks To: JoAnn Nathan Brown, Brad Brann, Jorge and Joyce Elliot


2-Lp set: Bainbridge BT8003
CD (abridged): Bainbridge BCD8003

Doug's comments: 

The gatefold cover includes 11 photos with captions which were not included in the CD leaflet. It's unlikely that I'll attempt to recreate the collage here.