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All-Time Greatest Hits Live On Stage

  1. Orchestra Warm-Up
  2. Fiddler On The Roof Overture
  3. Brazil
  4. Midnight Cowboy
  5. Tchaikovsky Samba
  6. Simon & Garfunkel Medley
  7. Theme From "The Apartment"
  8. Brazilian Sleigh Bells
  9. Bizet Overture
  10. Exodus
  11. Malagueña
  12. Colonel Bogie March
Ferrante & Teicher: All-Time Greatest Hits Live On Stage (Avant-Garde)
About this album: 

Produced by Ferrante & Teicher and Scott W. Smith
Arranged by Ferrante & Teicher
Theme From "The Apartment" and Exodus arranged by Ferrante & Teicher and Don Costa
Nick Perito conducts The Ferrante & Teicher Symphony
Don Costa conducts The Ferrante & Teicher Rhythm Section
Ferrante & Teicher play Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand Pianos
Collection Produced by Cary E. Mansfield and Scott W. Smith
Mastered by Steve Massie for Steve Massie productions

Art Direction & Design by Bill Pitzonka
All photographs and liner notes courtesy of The Scott W. Smith Collection
Special thanks to Art Ferrante, Lou Teicher, Marty Boratyn, Byron Davis, Kevin Elliott, Steve Knapp, Pierre Lafleur, Paul Lichtenstein, Kim Mansfield, Stephanie J. Mansfield, Andy McKaie, Mike Palesh, Clay Pasternack, Nick Perito, Jim Pierson, Dan Richardson, Scott Scott, John Vargas and Marty Wekser


CD: Varése Sarabande Records 302 066 691 2

Liner notes: 

FERRANTE & TEICHER released their first album more than 50 years ago! During those years, we’ve listened to their solo works, prepared-piano works and dozens of hours of their “hit” recording sound with their studio orchestra — some 178 albums in all.

This historic collection was culled from Ferrante & Teicher’s personal vault of “live” performances. Their concert appearances were not mere concerts… they were events! The repertoire chosen is not limited to Art & Lou’s favorites, but also selections most frequently requested by their fans! As always, Ferrante & Teicher treat us to a surprise concert ending! Those fortunate enough to have witnessed these encore antics will be left clamoring for more!! This CD gives us a chance to relive these magical moments in the brilliant careers of Art Ferrante & Lou Teicher.

— Scott W. Smith