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Concert for Lovers

  1. Days Of Wine And Roses
  2. More
  3. A Taste Of Honey
  4. I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  5. Anniversary Song
  6. Her Concerto
  7. What Kind Of Fool Am I
  8. Fascination
  9. Fly Me To The Moon
  10. Greensleeves
  11. Theme From The Eleventh Hour
  12. Beautiful
Ferrante & Teicher: Concert for Lovers  (United Artists)
About this album: 

Lp released in 1963.

Orchestra conducted by NICK PERITO
ORchestral arrangments by FERRANTE & TEICHER
Music Coordinator JOE MALIN
Produced by LeROY HOLMES
Cadenza Played by MAX POLLIKOFF
Recording Engineer AL WEINTRAUB


Lp (mono): United Artists UAL-3315
Lp (stereo): United Artists UAS-6315
Lp (1982 abridged reissue): Liberty LN-10158 
Lp (abridged): Liberty LN-51058

Liner notes: 

“Concert for Lovers” can very well describe any sitting in which Arthur Ferrante and Lou Teicher are supplemented by a lush orchestra backdrop. The popular piano team are the Fort Knox of the record business. The gold bricks in Fort Knox set the standard for our economy and the golden touch in their hands sets the standard of our music.

Like gold, their music is rich and durable. But unlike the gold hoard at Fort Knox, their golden style is available to everyone. Through their keyboard artistry, such single records as “Theme From The Apartment” and “Exodus” are among the all-time best-sellers, and their albums are consistent winners in the package field.

In this new LP, F&T’s “Midas Touch” adds luster to a flock of comparatively new songs like “What Kind Of Fool Am I,” “Days Of Wine And Roses,” “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” and “More.”

Each song glitters, and—that old epigram notwithstanding—it’s all gold.


Doug's comments: 

Like many of the 1980s Liberty reissues, this album was available on Lp and cassette in an abridged format. The tracks were out of sequence and they omitted "Greensleeves" and "Beautiful."

Early pressings of this album referred to Teicher as "Don Teicher."