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Dos Amigos

  1. Dos Amigos
  2. Quien Sera
  3. El Cumbanchero
  4. Amor
  5. In Monterey
  6. Brazil
  7. La Cucaracha
  8. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
  9. Anna
  10. Tico Tico
  11. Adios
  12. Cielito Lindo
Ferrante & Teicher: Dos Amigos  (Avant-Garde)
About this album: 

This album is practially a remake of Latin Pianos. It has been reissued as Hot Latin Nights with new cover and notes.

Produced by Scott Smith and Ferrante & Teicher
​All arrangements by Ferrante & Teicher
Album Co-ordinator: Scott Smith
Prepared Pianos (on “Lielito Lindo”) by Ferrante & Teicher
Recording & Re-mix Consultant: Scott Smith
Recording & Re-mix Engineer: Dave Brock, Audiovision, Inc. – Kansas City, MO
Cover Concept & Design: Muller & Co, Kansas City, MO
Illustration: Sara Roloff
Ferrante & Teicher play Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand Pianos


Lp: Bainbridge BT-6280
Lp (Columbia House): Avant Garde AVG-1004
CD: Bainbridge BCD 6280
CD (Columbia House): Avant Garde 1CD 7853

Doug's comments: 

I bought this album back in that late 1980s as soon as it appeared as the "selection of the month" in the Columbia House (Columbia Record Club) catalog. I thought it sounded great!

However, I recently acquired a United Artists reel-to-reel tape (plus CD-R) of Latin Pianos, an album which I had never heard before. The sound was much better and makes this album sound a bit muddy by comparison.