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In the Heat of the Night

  1. Up, Up And Away
  2. The World We Knew
  3. Cabaret
  4. In The Chapel In The Moonlight
  5. The Mod Turk
  6. In The Heat Of The Night
  7. Alfie
  8. All You Need Is Love
  9. Ode To Billie Joe
  10. Georgy Girl
  11. Pavanne (Ravel)
  12. You Only Live Twice
Ferrante & Teicher: In the Heat of the Night  (United Artists)
About this album: 

Lp released in 1967. "Cabaret" was subsequently reissued on Ferrante & Teicher Play The Hit Themes.




Lp (mono): United Artists UAL-3624
Lp (stereo): United Artists UAS-6624

Liner notes: 

Once a year, FERRANTE AND TEICHER take a backward look at the hits of the past months, pluck out the musical gems that are suited to their inimitable style, and combine them in a new album. This is the simple and time-proven format of “IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.” It is a format that record buyers all over the world have welcomed with open arms. It has resulted in a long and successful series of collections, each of which has achieved a lofty pinnacle in the United States and abroad.

“IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT” features the top contemporary pop tunes of recent vintage, winning songs from the films and the Broadway stage, plus a wee taste of something FERRANTE AND TEICHER fans always look forward to with great delight–their own adaptations of traditional melodies. As usual, our instrumental geniuses have been impeccable in their choice of a program. Their selections are indeed the cream of the newer crop.

For “IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT,” as is their custom, FERRANTE AND TEICHER have embellished their duo keyboard artistry with their huge, string-filled orchestra and with their large chorus. The glorious and distinctive sounds that result are in the grand and refreshing and spirited and listenable manner that has made them international favorites. If it is possible, even more so. For the songs that you have made hits are given an entirely new dimension by FERRANTE AND TEICHER.

FERRANTE AND TEICHER now rank among the foremost popular concert attractions in North America. They are also high on the list of all-time bestselling recording stars. To those few who have yet to succumb to their magic spell, we confidently and proudly present "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" by the great team of FERRANTE AND TEICHER.

Doug's comments: 

This album was also available with an alternate front cover. I don't know which one came first:

Ferrante & Teicher: In The Heat Of The Night (alternate cover)